The medium is as unimportant as I myself. Essential is only the forming...I take any material whatsoever if the picture demands it. ...I play off material against material, wood against sack clothes.
— Schwitters (1921) in: Abstract Art, Anna Moszynska, Thames and Hudson, London 1990, p. 68-69
Flower Dream.jpg

Identity and transformation seems to me to be a matter of historical accumulation and time specific context. I, in truth, make artwork with the expectation of re-considering my own psycho-spiritual experiences.

Process is exceedingly important to me because I see art as a sort of making performance. For me, the final presentation turns out to be a visual document of that art experience. I have no nitpickiness (is that really a word?) about materials or methods. I welcome my almost involuntary use of color as a form of my own subconscious expression. As I transform, so my work does.

In my installations I use painting, sculptural elements, assemblage and videos to craft immersive art experiences. I also make books and do communal projects that include mail art, social media events and pop-up stations.