www.depts.ttu.edu//WomenInPrint / by DAWN LOWNDES

Washington, D.C.
MFA, Indiana University: Bloomington, IN
Larali: Lara Li Video Still, 2006, video still on archival entrada fine art paper, 20 x 24 inches.

My current work interprets characters that negotiate psychologically complex situations relating to a collectively constructed identity of self. Larali is an interpretation of the abjected persona searching for a defined role. She is transformed from this childlike form into Lara Li: our culture’s view of the purely objectified western woman. The “Larali: Lara Li” video installation offers an analysis of these characters in the theatre of society. It relates a paralleled dynamic relationship between the artist, the art institution, and its/their objects. The “Larali: Lara Li” video installation further unmasks ever-present artistic uncertainties related to theatrics and entertainment spectacle within our culture and the gallery. A multiplicity of contemporary roles has become a consistent theme for contemplation in the content and process of my work. My role as director and producer of videos that challenge the boundary between high art and film has allowed me to collaborate with others in a less sovereign creative method. This has created a discursive stage upon which to deconstruct the personas of my next set of characters.